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YSL Movie Now Online!

Stefano Pilati is a busy, busy man. As opposed to just changing the content of men’s fashion, he decided to toy with the context of its presentation, eschewing a catwalk show in favour of presenting a short film – which SHOWstudio are lucky enough to have in its entirety. Originally shown during the menswear collections in Paris earlier this month, the video is edited to evoke the passage of time – a day in the life of the Yves Saint Laurent homme – as well as showcasing Pilati’s designs for Autumn/Winter 2008. Click here to view the whole film.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    19:03 24 Jan 2008
    Beautifully done ! thought I had a hard time in deciding what should get my attention ... the clothes or just let the mind enjoy the great visuals, the ' poetry ' and the cool song .. I wasn't so keen on the last frame .... it gives the feeling of 3 men who have been ' hang'... bad association on my part , I realise that ...but then it must be just me and my wild imagination ...:):)
  2. marian
    22:46 24 Jan 2008
    I agree about the last shot. they did look dead but then i guess it was the end. Very cleaver, tightly edited and very beautifuly shot. Really nice to see more and more designers using this medium to their advantage. There is soo much to expore in fashion film. ss is very exciting at the moment can't wait to see whats next! what is next ss?
  3. ChrisSummerfield
    09:43 25 Jan 2008
    Well made piece of experimental work with a lot of thought going in to it, well done.
  4. propaganda303
    15:40 7 Feb 2008
    Reminds me of TOMATO's video's for Underworld. Breaking through the glass in slow motion as in Push Upstairs and the last shot of levitation as in Two Months Off. Still a very nice video.