by Penny Martin .

Zaha Hadid's Dune Formations

Zaha Hadid lunching in front of her Dune Formations

One of the myriad art events this week that tie in with the opening of the Frieze Art Fair in London tomorrow night, new work by the architect Zaha Hadid was unveiled at the David Gill Galleries this afternoon. Inspired by the formation of sand dunes, her 'Dune Formations' are a system of furniture comprising selves, tables and an artificial tree. It was great to see them in such a 'white cube' environment as the concrete floor really showed off the hyperreal colours. The architecture and design press chowed down on some lunch along with the Pritzker Prize-winning architect and imagined their future Magnum Opuses sitting on one of those glorious shelves.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    08:15 10 Oct 2007
    I love ZAHA HADID's work and creative mind....unique and rear !....but unfortunately without succes ( am I blind ? :):)).....I can't find the gallery in the FRIEZE ART FAIR's directory to read more about DGG ( Galleries from A to G )....and the David Gill Galleries' website self is ...' currently under construction ' that ' mathematical and poetic ' way of saying....' ' IS NOT WORKING '
  2. kombizz
    13:46 10 Oct 2007
    is he an Arab artist?
  3. PennyMartin
    14:52 10 Oct 2007
    SHE was born in Baghdad and lives in London.