1. Wednesday 28 May 2014

  2. Tuesday 27 May 2014

  3. Victoria & Albert wedding dress on demand footage available now!
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch the on Demand footage of the Victoria & Albert discussion on wedding dresses. Available now and for a limited time only!
  4. 'Ugly' essay by Lucy Norris
    SHOWstudio Update

    As part of our 'Ugly' series, read Lucy Norris' essay now!
  5. Friday 23 May 2014

  6. NEW EXHIBITION: Jeweller Shaun Leane curates SHOWcabinet
    SHOWstudio Update

    Artisan jeweller Shaun Leane curates the SHOWcabinet: featuring bespoke jewellery pieces, work from Damien Hirst and some live snakes!
  7. Thursday 22 May 2014

  8. Wednesday 21 May 2014

    Nick Knight Fashion film feat. Kate Moss
    SHOWstudio Update

    As part of our month-long Kate Moss feature, watch Nick Knight's fashion film featuring supermodel Kate Moss now!
  9. 'Subjective' interview series: Nick Knight interviews top models
    SHOWstudio Update

    'Subjective': Nick Knight interviews top models including Kate Moss, Raquel Zimmerman and Alek Wek. Watch the latest in the interview series
  10. Tuesday 20 May 2014

  11. 'Ugly' essay by Harriet Walker
    SHOWstudio Update

    As part of our 'Ugly' project, Harriet Walker writes an essay on ugliness. Read it now!
  12. Monday 19 May 2014

  13. J.W. Anderson: Design Download Competition WINNER announced!
    SHOWstudio Update

    The winner of the Design Download: J.W. Anderson competition will be announced!
  14. Fashion film
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch the new fashion film from Laura Falconer now!
  15. On Demand Footage available: RCA panel 'Future of fashion education'
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch the panel discussion on demand! Wendy Dagworthy, Holly Fulton, Iain R Webb and Matthew Miller discuss the future of fashion education.
  16. Friday 16 May 2014

  17. Exclusive and limited! Ambush X SHOWstudio jewellery collaboration
    SHOWstudio Update

    Pop art inspired jewellery label Ambush have teamed up with SHOWstudio to create an exclusive jewellery collaboration. Only on SHOWstudio!
  18. Thursday 15 May 2014

  19. SOAP OPERA: Episode#11 - Exclusive film series from Joseph Lally
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch the latest instalment from Joseph Lally's SOAP OPERA. Episode#11: Money Shot
  20. In Fashion: Shaun Leane. On Demand footage available for a limited time only
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch the unedited 'In Fashion' interview with jeweller Shaun Leane. On Demand footage is only available for a limited time!
  21. Wednesday 14 May 2014

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