1. Wednesday 11 June 2014

  2. Tuesday 10 June 2014

  3. MACHINE-A selfie competition closes!
    SHOWstudio Update

    The MACHINE-A selfie competition closes today. Don't miss your chance, go take a selfie now!
  4. SHOWstudio x C.E collaboration & On demand footage
    SHOWstudio Update

    New collaboration with C.E, feat. two T-shirts and a jumper. On demand footage of the interview is available now for a limited time only!
  5. Monday 09 June 2014

  6. Sunday 08 June 2014

  7. Saturday 07 June 2014

    Film series from the fashion film archive
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch 'The fashion body' film series, from the fashion film archive now!
  8. Friday 06 June 2014

  9. Punk Film from Marie Schuller
    SHOWstudio Update

    The latest in our Punk film series comes from Marie Schuller, Head of Fashion Film at SHOWstudio, featuring Courtney Stodden!
  10. Thursday 05 June 2014

  11. Fashion film featuring Kate Moss
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch 'Editing Kate' a film by Younji Ku, featuring Kate Moss now!
  12. Wednesday 04 June 2014

  13. In Fashion: Fashion designer C.E comes into the studio for an interview
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch the interview footage of fashion designer C.E in preparation for the new collection! Available to watch for a limited time only!
  14. 'Subjective' interview series: Nick Knight interviews top models, with Erin O'Connor
    SHOWstudio Update

    'Subjective': Nick Knight interviews top models including Kate Moss, Raquel Zimmerman and Alek Wek. Watch the latest in the interview series
  15. Tuesday 03 June 2014

  16. New 'Ugly' essay by Ana Kinsella
    SHOWstudio Update

    As part of our 'Ugly' series, read Ana Kinsella's essay on ugliness in fashion
  17. Monday 02 June 2014

  18. Nick Knight Q&A at CSM
    SHOWstudio Update

    Nick Knight talks to Judith Watt, lecturer at the Fashion Communication and Promotion course at Central Saint Martins
  19. New Tumblr curation: Iphigenia Gras
    SHOWstudio Update

    Iphigenia Gras curates our Tumblr page for a week, featuring content inspired by women, sexuality and the feminist movement!
  20. On demand footage of RCA MA 2014 Show
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch the on demand footage of the Royal College of Art MA 2014 show now, for a limited time only!
  21. Sunday 01 June 2014

  22. Saturday 31 May 2014

  23. Friday 30 May 2014

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