Alan Øyen is a director, playwright and choreographer. After graduating as a dancer from the State school of Art in Oslo in 2001, Øyen quickly turned to choreographing and staging his own works. By 2006 he had established his own company winter guests, an ensemble of highly skilled performers, writing, staging and touring theatrical works in English for the international stage. 

Øyen has won several awards, both for his choreographic works as well as his theatre productions. Most recently, Coelacanth - a six hour long play, co-written by British playwright and director Andrew Wale - won him the prestigous HEDDA award for Best Original Play at the Norwegian Theatre Awards, as well as three other nominations including Best Director and Best Play.

As artist in residence with the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, Alan is given the space and freedom for himself and his company winter guests, to make groundbreaking theatre and dance performances in the Norwegian Opera House. 

Besides his work for winter guests, Alan is also commissioned to create work for companies in Norway and abroad. His most recent production “if we shadows have offended” for the Gothenburg Opera received great criticcal acclaim when it premiered March 2015.


Alan and Winter Guests has been generously supported by the Norwegian Arts Council since 2004.



  1. 22 Apr 2015
    Alan Øyen features in a project.