Amir Mobed was born in Tehran in 1974. He began making sculptures as early as 1989, and studied fine arts in Tehran’s Azad University of Art and Architecture (1995-2001). After a fairly long practice in sculpture, he created his firstinstallations in 1999. In 2001 he won the thirdprize in the Third Tehran Sculpture Biennial.

In addition to many solo exhibitions, mainly installation, Mobed has participated in many important local exhibitions like Tehran’s Second and Third New Media Exhibitions (2003, 2004), First, Second and Third Tehran Biennial of Sculpture (1997, 1999, and 2001), “Spiritual look”, and “Iranian Garden”, Both held in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, (2003, 2004), as well as international exhibitions like: New Art Biennial in Doha, Qatar, 2004 and  “Iranian Sculpture in Mexico”, Mexico City, 2006

Amir Mobed seeks new definitions of volume and space, time and vision in his diverse body of work. Trying to reach a new aesthetic through multiplication and repetition of elements, he has made various experiments with different materials.

Diversity of the materials is Mobed’s particular characteristic. Plaster; iron sheets, sometimes rusted, clay, mirror, candles, apples, flowers, disposable dishes, human hair, ice and his own body.

In his installations and environmental works, he is especially interested in the concept of the living spaces. He brings about total changes in the visual qualities of the environments, usually by assembling great numbers of reproduced pieces, containing different cultural-social allusions in each case. These works raise issues about the relation between art, society and the environment we are living in. He usually makes his installations in the open air to be able to touch the public and the passers-by, not just those who intentionally come to the museums and galleries to see the artworks. Also, often tries to involve the viewers in the process of creating the piece.

Amir Mobed lives and works in Tehran.