Andrea Gelardin, of Spanish and Italian origin, studied both History and Theatre design at Georgetown University Washington DC. In 2005, Gelardin began working for Louis Vuitton and in 2007 travelled to Moscow to spearhead an exhibition for Louis Vuitton in connection with the Moscow Art Fair. Gelardin then went on to work with Nick Knight, initially to manage and curate the 'Political Fashion' program, and stayed on to work on a broad range of productions. Since 2009, Gelardin has produced film content for brands including Burberry, Topshop, Fiorucci, Jimmy Choo, Swarovski and Gucci. In 2016, Gelardin founded the creative direction studio Lobster Eye with Ruth Hogben. Lobster Eye worked as creative directors on musician Lady Gaga's 2016 album cycle and campaign. 


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    Andrea Gelardin presents a live stream.

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