Antoine Peters is a fashion designer who lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated cum laude at the Art Academy in Arnhem (NL) and then continued to study his Masters degree at the Fashion Institute, Arnhem. Before launching his own design label Peters worked at Viktor & Rolf, and the Dutch Avantgarde magazine. He has presented collections with titles including 'I Will Never Wear A Sweater.', 'Le Petit Antoine.', 'Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap!' and 'Make An Elephant Out Of A Mosquito’ at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Peters is also known for his A SWEATER FOR THE WORLD! project; a 2-person sweater with the aim to photograph as many ‘different kinds of people’ as possible inside it. Recently he launched ANTOINE PETERS' SHIRTS which attempts to deal with the problems of commercial practicalities faced by many young designers. Peters also initiates and participates in projects such as the KILLING FASHION installation/collection for the Dutch Fashion Biennial, and was the conceptual director and designer of ‘dancecostumes’ and the 'happy burka'. He is a guest teacher at the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design.



  1. 6 Aug 2008
    Antoine Peters features in a project.

    Future Tense