As Four are a fashion design team based in New York, living and working together in one studio. In a bid for informality and a playful group dynamic they are known only by their first names Adi, Ange, Kai and Gabi, or As Four. Coming from different areas of fashion, including styling, photography and design, they have put their skills together to design and produce every aspect of their collections from design and production to advertising. The collective became known for such statements as second skin body suits, balloon calf trousers and fish scale tops, as well as their 'Sex and the City' hit the disc bag. Further experimentation evolved into utilising unconventional ways of showing their collections, such as their first show, which was shown in miniature on mechanical dolls. Kai left the collective in 2005, which has evolved the group into threeasfour, who continue to push boundaries with their multimedia fashion shows and explorations of the boundaries between fashion and art. Threeasfour have recently collaborated with Kate Spade on a collection of clothing as accessories, and have developed a new 'Black Label'. Their first perfume, sponsored by Symrise, was launched in October 2005 in conjunction with Parisian concept store Colette.