Asiya Bareeva is a Moscow-based designer known for her romantically layered clothing and accessories. Bareeva studied art history, ceramics, visual arts and drawing at art school before graduating from the Kosygin Architecture Institute and Textile University in Moscow. Bareeva created her first collection during her second year at university in collaboration with a classmate. The collection was shown as part of a number of young designers' showcases such as Russian Silhouette, Garderob and The Admiralty Needle.

Moving between the professions of an architect and design, she started working at the design bureau of Olga Romina in 2008, before starting to work as a stylist in 2010. In 2013, she began creating romantic and delicate jewellery with Japanese polymer clay, mostly neckpieces and headpieces, and selling them in showrooms in stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Bareeva won the Russian Silhouette award in 2013.



  1. 4 Mar 2014
    Asiya Bareeva features in a project.

    Dressing the Screen: Russia