Bernard-Henri Lévy is a French-born intellectual, philosopher and founder of the New Philosophers School. Lévy is also known for his journalism and as writer of some of the most controversial pieces on politics of the twenty-first century - his fame in France is such that he is often known by the abbreviation BHL. Lévy was born in French Algeria and moved to France in his early childhood. After studying philosophy at the prestigious École Normale Supérieure, he went on to become a journalist, covering mostly war stories. He is know for going to extreme measures when investigating and writing his pieces. Some of his most famous works include Bangla-Desh, Nationalism in the Revolution, The French Ideology and Who Killed Daniel Pearl?, exploring political events over the past four decades. Lévy has written numerous essays and critiques which offer his outlook on current states in the world, and shares a close friendship with the French president Nicolas Sarkozy. In 2007, Lévy collaborated with Italian conceptual artist Francesco Vezzoli in a piece titled Democrazy. With the aid of real Washington political advisers, Vezzoli, created two commercials for competing US presidential campaigns – pitting Lévy against actress Sharon Stone. Democrazy was shown at the 2007 Venice Biennale.


  1. 4 Dec 2014
    Bernard-Henri Lévy features in a project.

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