Mike Watson and Jon Morgan's irreverent graphic design enterprise works in several fields, from illustration, film credits and exhibition design to products ranging from T-shirts to half-mast sandcastle flags. They formed in 1995 after meeting on the Royal College of Art's Graphic Communications course and have a roster of clients including Harvey Nichols, Knoll, The Crafts Council, Tank magazine, 333 nightclub in Hoxton, The British Council and the watchmaker Patek Philippe. Bump's source texts and references are consciously appropriated from the lexicon of advertising, their styles and messages only slightly. Coined as 'creative terrorists', Bump are reputed for their savage wit and uncompromising style: one of their signature products is their set of six 'calling cards', illustrated with unsettling slogans such as 'You're our main rival' or 'Let it be known', which carry no contact details. These are left in toilets or sent to people anonymously. Another key project is their 'Basic Communication Set', which contains stickers bearing statements including 'I want my fucking money back', 'Fuck this bus route' and 'This food is shit', for consumers to paste where they would like to voice an opinion.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Ultravision', The British Council, 1999-2001 
'Stealing Beauty', ICA, London, 1999


  1. 20 Dec 2002
    Bump features in a project.

    Spray On Christmas