Carrie E.A. Scott is collaborating with SHOWstudio as the Director of the SHOWstudio Shop. Before starting her own company, CS&P Art Advisory, in 2009 Scott was Director of Nicole Klagsburn Gallery, New York, where she worked closely with artists such as Beth Campbell, Matthew Day Jackson, Rashid Johnson, Mika Rottenberg, Adam McEwen, and Storm Tharp. Prior to that, Scott was noted curator of the Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University's Lee Center, Director of the James Harris Gallery, and a freelance curator.

In addition to her curatorial experience, Scott is also an arts writer and has a Master's in Art History, with a focus on Sound Art. At any given moment, she can be found in London, New York or Seattle.



  1. 8 Feb 2019
    Carrie Scott features in a project.

    Beyond Fashion

  2. 31 Jan 2019
    Carrie Scott creates an installation film.

    Exhibition Film

  3. 9 Nov 2018
    Carrie Scott creates an interview.

    In Conversation: Nick Knight and Carrie Scott on 'Still' exhibition

  4. 7 Nov 2018
    Carrie Scott features in a project.