Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen, born in 1972, trained in various art academies in Italy, The Netherlands and Denmark. Her artwork often ranges from charcoal drawings, paintings, fabric works, hand embroidery and ceramics. Raben Davidsen's work combines the techniques of detailed line drawing with blurred contours and intense patches of colour.  She draws inspiration from a range of literary and art historical references, folk narratives and mythological material to present a modern yet diverse world within her works. The artist has exhibited widely and is represented in several international art collections. Currently she lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. 






  1. 22 Oct 2015
    Cathrine Raben Davidsen features in a project.

    A Beautiful Darkness

  2. 5 Feb 2014
    Cathrine Raben Davidsen features in a project.

    The Replica Drawings


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