Chenghui Zhang is a designer who is currently based in New York. 

Born in Italy, Zhang moved to China where she grew up before moving to New York to study fashion design at Parsons University, where she was awarded the esteemed CDFA sponsorship prior to her fourth year of study at Parsons.

For Zhang, fashion is a tool and a twist between mainstream culture and subculture. With narration as her main focus in her design philosophy, her design aesthetic focuses on using this tool of storytelling to make the audience understand the story and meaning behind it even more. 

Using her grandma’s fabric she brought in 1980s, her thesis collection recreated a memoir of her grandmother by tracing back the development and globalisation of China in the past thirty years through her grandmas’s eyes. The various characters her grandma went through during this time are the focus of her thesis.

Her industry experience includes interning for designers like Ralph Lauren and 3.1 Phillip Lim.



  1. 24 May 2017
    Chenghui Zhang creates a fashion film.

    Runner Up: Remember the Forgotten

  2. 24 May 2017
    Chenghui Zhang features in a project.

    SHOWstudio x Parsons