Christopher Seguine is a film editor and artist based in San Francisco and is a leading expert on high definition and digital cinema technologies. Born in New Jersey in 1971, he studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and went on to work as a technical supervisor on films including ‘Virtuosity’. Uninspired by traditional Hollywood filmmaking, Seguine became a consultant at Paul Allen's think tank, 'Interval Research'.

Seguine went on to start his own company 'Sublime' first working with artist Matthew Barney on 'Cremaster 2' which was the first feature-length film shot on HDCAM. He subsequently expanded his role to editor and post-production supervisor for Barney's ‘Cremaster 3’. Seguine also designed servers and a five-channel synchronized high definition sculpture for the 'Cremaster Cycle' exhibition held at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

In 2003 in collaboration with Steven Klein and Madonna, Seguine designed ultra-hi resolution installation pieces that combined photography, video and animation for the ‘X-static Pro=cess’ installation at the Deitch Gallery. Over the past ten years, Seguine has also worked on his project 'Burnt Scalp' with stylist Elizabeth Pfau in which Seguine utilises his own head as a canvas. Most recently he has worked with Flora Skivington on a film shot with a prototype digital cinema camera from Arri. His recent editing project with Matthew Barney, ‘Drawing Restraint 9’ had its US premiere at the IFC Center in New York and was also presented with the exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


  1. 19 Dec 2005
    Christopher Seguine features in a project.

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