Claire Morgan was born in Belfast and now lives in London. Since graduating in 2003, Morgan has exhibited internationally, with solo exhibitions in the UK and Europe and museum shows in US and Australia.

After showing sculptures at Palais de Tokyo and Fiac in 2009, Morgan unveiled her first solo exhibition in France. Life. Blood., at Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris which received national news coverage in France and saw private collectors acquiring most of the works on the opening night. Alongside suspended sculptures, this was the first time Morgan exhibited the 'blood drawings' that have rapidly become her signature. 

Recent exhibitions of note include Dead Or Alive, (MAD, New York), on&on, (La Casa Encendida, Madrid), Monanism, (MONA, Tasmania), and Bestes, Bestiaux, et Bestioles, where a new large-scale sculpture was commissioned by Château D'Oiron, France.

Installations and drawings are in numerous private collections in the UK, Europe and Australia, including MONA, Altana, and Guerlain.




  1. 21 Nov 2016
    Claire Morgan creates an interview.

    Nick Knight, Carrie Scott, Hugo Wilson, Claire Morgan and Kate Bryan

  2. 8 Sep 2011
    Claire Morgan features in a project.

    In Conversation