COMPLETEDWORKS is a London based jewellery brand founded by sibling Mark Jewsbury and Anna Jewsbury in 2013. Each of the label’s pieces originates in a vision of jewellery design as an expression of art, fused with concepts and ideas that aspire to materialise the way the world and our imagination shift.

Faithful to the brand’s experimental temperament and interest in ideas, Anna Jewsbury’s approach as Artistic Director is to draw on the contrasts between high quality materials and purist elements. With a degree in Mathematics & Philosophy, her aesthetic vocabulary is influenced strongly by reductionism.

The brand’s jewellery concentrates on shifts in form, pattern and texture, making use of special selected and unusual materials such as marble and jadeite.

Pillar, COMPLETEDWORKS’ signature collection, has been inspired by ruined architectures and explores how differing motifs and distortions can be used to represent the carving and shaping power of history when set against the rise and fall of civilisations.



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