Croatian-born designer Damir Doma grew up in Germany. He studied in Munich and Berlin, and graduated in 2004 with magna cum laude. Doma then moved to Antwerp, working in the studios of Raf Simons and Dirk Schoenberger. Under Simon's teachings Doma's personal aesthetic was nurtured acheiving masculine silhouettes through drapery. He met Stephan Wembacher, CEO of the international fashion group Paper Rain in 2006 and launched his eponymous label in the same year. 

Doma debuted his Menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2008 at Paris Fashion Week in July 2007, and in 2010 he presented his first Womenswear collection. 2010 also saw the launch of the Silent collection, a simplified look at Doma’s signature aesthetic through a line of basics for men and women.

In 2011, Doma was invited by Vogue Paris to be a part of the Petit Salon des Jeunes Createurs at the Hotel Crillon in Paris. His designs were installed in an exhibition by the acclaimed interior designer Vincent Darré of the Maison Darré in Paris.




  1. 15 Jul 2015
    Damir Doma creates an interview.

    Damir Doma, Susanne Deeken, Robin Schulie and Mimma Viglezio

  2. 8 Sep 2011
    Damir Doma features in a project.

    In Conversation