Donald Christie is a well-respected photographer, based in London. He studied Fine Art at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic, specialising in film, video and sound. After completing his degree he moved to London, initially joining the squatting community in London Bridge, Euston and Vauxhall. Deciding that photography was the best way forward both creatively and economically (video was, at this point very expensive and unwieldy), he taught himself photography.Christie has worked as a commercial photographer since the early 90s, specialising in reportage initially and then moving into fashion and portraiture. He regards the commercial sector as an enabler of creative freedom, whilst trying to retain some of the approach and attitude developed in his art practice.

Christie has embarked on a series of projects working with charities and voluntary organisations such as teaching photography to elderly people in a day centre, and to men with severe learning difficulties. He also travelled to East Jerusalem to work with an ophthalmic hospital, helping to build their picture library and make a personal project around identity and documentation. More recently he has spent time developing experimental videos, which aim to explore the links between intensely subjective documentation and figurative abstraction, and interpretations of landscape through video and sound field recordings.

Christie is completing an MA in Art and Media Practice at The University of Westminster. He is working on collaborative projects with musicians and sound artists, including Icarus, Kim Hiorthoy, Massive Attack and Janek Scheaffer.



  1. 30 Nov 2004
    Donald Christie features in a project.