‘Egoli- Place of Gold' is South Africa’s longest running daily soap opera and is broadcast on MNET fives times a week. Over the past fourteen years, Egoli has remained one of the networks’ most watched programmes. Egoli's creator Franz Marx researched Brazilian, American and European soaps extensively before he decided on a unique model for the programme. This model takes a vertical cut through society and tells the story of five families in Johannesburg who are from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds. Apart from the standard soap storylines this model also includes comedy through specific characters and storylines.

In April 2002, Marx added the 'Tele-novella' concept which was developed in South America and consists of three to four short stories per year. This style of story telling speeds up the pace and is targeted at female viewers aged between twenty-four and thirty-five. The production value is enhanced through ongoing location and back lot shoots. Recent locations shoots were done in Stellenbosch, Zambia (Victoria Falls), Karoo, Bloemfontein and Mpumalanga. The production visited Tanzania in November 2003 for location shoots in Kilimanjaro, Dar-Es-Salaam, Zanzibar & Namibia. 


  1. 19 Dec 2005
    Egoli Editing Team features in a project.

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