Greek-born Ellie Tsatsou is a freelance photographer and filmmaker, currently based in London. After completing a BA in Communications in her homeland, Athens, she went on to study an MA in Fashion and Film at the University of the Arts, London, from which she graduated with a distinction. Her research interests focus on the aesthetics of avant-garde art of the 20th century while her personal work explores and cherishes togetherness, wilderness, kindness and intimacy. She collaborates with musicians and dancers around Europe while contributing to SHOWstudio, working alongside Nick Knight on process shorts and fashion films for the various live streams and projects that appear on the website.





  1. 23 Jun 2016
    Ellie Tsatsou features in a project.

    Boy Meets Wool: Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY

  2. 12 Jun 2015
    Ellie Tsatsou creates a backstage film.

    Video by Ellie Tsatsou