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Emma Forrest is a British writer. Born in London, Forrest currently lived in Los Angeles and has worked as a journalist, novelist and screenwriter. Forrest's career began at the age of thirteen when she wrote a story on Madonna for the Evening Standard. She went on to write a column called 'Generation X' for The Sunday Times, which saw her drop out of school to tour the world with various Britpop bands reporting on their touring antics. Forrest has since written for publications including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, Time Out, The Guardian and Interview. She also contributed an essay to the album Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine. In 2001 Forrest contributed to an anthology on the writer JD Salinger titled Love & Squalor, with an essay describing Salinger's influence on current young writers. In 2007 she co-wrote and edited her first non-fiction book, Damage Control – Women on the Therapists, Beauticians, and Trainers Who Navigate Their Bodies, which was an anthology of essays of the emotional pain women suffer for their own physical well-being. Forrest's memoir Your Voice in My Head was published in 2011, focusing on the death of her psychiatrist and her subsequent break-up with her partner. She is also author of the novels Namedropper, Thin Skin and Cherries in the Snow. Forrest has written various screenplays including Becoming Music, a work about the life of the late musician Jeff Buckley, 'LIARS (AE)', Know Your Rights, and How Could You Do This To Me. She was listed on Variety's 'Top Ten Screenwriters to Watch' in 2009.


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