Gary Numan is an English musician and songwriter credited as one of the pioneers of electronic music. Numan's career dates back to the early seventies, starting in a band called Tubeway Army, his influences include David Bowie, Brian Eno, Lou Reed, Marc Bolan and the glam rock scene of the 1970's. The single 'Are 'Friends' Electric?' started off a huge musical following, replacing formerly major instruments with the sound of the synthesizer. Going solo in 1979, and releasing his second hit 'Cars' gave Numan international recognition. Numan experimented with jazz, funk and ethereal, rhythmic pop after which he came back to his electro pop roots.


  1. 15:00 - 15:30 on 15 Dec 2011
    Gary Numan presents a live stream.

    Gary Numan

  2. 14 Dec 2011
    Gary Numan features in a project.

    In Your Face: Music