Born in Ekaterinburg, emerging jewellery designer Georgy Rushev is known for his statement necklaces with semi-precious stones, leather, crystals and plastic. The concept of the label is based on the connections between the future and the past, the old and the new. Each new collection is a mini-line, where different combinations of leather and semi-precious stones are used. Amethysts, noble shine of citrine, depth of jacinth, inviting beauty of pyrite and allagite are juxstaposed with a mix of non-precious but interesting materials such as metal, crystals and plastics. This combination is an attempt to find touch points between nobility and aristocraticism of antique jewelery and contemporary art. Symmetry and the aggressive arrangements of all the elements in the necklaces give them a sharp character, but fresh colour palette still keeps it feminine.



  1. 4 Mar 2014
    Georgy Rushev features in a project.

    Dressing the Screen: Russia