'H Project' is a creative collective established to experiment with menswear image-making. Specifically motivated by a shared desire to explore male gender stereotypes in society, it manifests itself in a zine, a fashion film project and occasionally as installation. H project was founded in November 2003, by Thymaya Payne with German photographer David Fischer and Japanese stylist/photographer Ai Saito. Payne is an American born, Berlin based writer and photographer. Founding member of the 'Urbanetc' art and fashion group in NYC and Berlin, he has published a book entitled 'Overkill' with publishing firm Booth-Clibborn editions. Their film project is a co-operative production between H project and Zaza Rusadze who is a film director and founding member of the multimedia artist group Goslab born in Tbilisi Georgia. As well as working on several related projects for Goslab, his first feature length documentary 'Bandits' was aired on 'ARTE' in summer 2004. He is currently based in Berlin. H Project the magazine was made available in several stores in Berlin, New York, Paris and London. Payne is currently working on a film about Somali pirates called 'Stolen Seas'.


  1. 20 Aug 2004
    H Project features in a project.

    Peace: H Project 02

  2. 15 Apr 2004
    H Project features in a project.

    H Project