HALTBAR is a fashion design label run by Kathleen Koenig and Peter Koenig. Originally set up as a product design label along with Carmen Cichon and Alexa Freuh in 2001, it was only in 2007 that HALTBAR became a fully established fashion label and opened its first store in Munich. In the interim years, Kathleen and Peter Koening collaborated with Kostas Murkudis to create a unisex collection based on German workwear under the name HALTBAR MURKUDIS. The aesthetic associated with the clothes of the German craftsmen’s guild: durable, lasting and solid, captures the essence of the HALTBAR brand. Along with the intention to co-operate with family and handicraft business in order to use and preserve existing knowledge, HALTBAR also aim to redefine traditional products. Since 2003, the brand has produced two unisex collections per year with sales in Europe, Asia and USA.

Selected Publications

  • Davies, Hywel; ‘100 New Fashion Designers’ Laurence King Publishers September 2008.




  1. 6 Aug 2008
    HALTBAR features in a project.

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