Born in London, Hardy Amies is one of Britain's most famous tailors and couturiers. He has created outfits for some of the most iconic figures from royalty to Hollywood throughout his life from his base at 14 Savile Row. Following a period of military service, Amies opened his house on November 12 1945 with the support of investor the Countess of Jersey. 

His longstanding patronage from the then Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret began in 1950, a relationship that saw him clothe Her Majesty the Queen from her coronation in 1955 until his retirement in 1989, with Amies creating the monarch's famous coral pink ensemble for her Silver Jubilee in 1977. 

Designing menswear from 1961, Amies dressed the English football team off the pitch over the course of their successful 1966 World Cup campaign and also designed the entire wardrobe for Stanley Kubrick's landmark 1968 feature 2001: A Space Oddysey.

Since 2010, Hardy Amies has been led by Creative Director Claire Malcolm.