Image: Zoe Hitchen

Founded by London-born Douglas Hayward in the mid-1960s, Hayward is a British tailor that made its name dressing some of the period's most charismatic figures. Enamoured more of characters than titles, Hayward befriended and suited many of Britain's masculine icons including Michael Caine, Jackie Stewart and Steve McQueen. With the British working class male as muse, Hayward captured the charm of cheek and no-nonsense captured for posterity in Caine's 'Alfie', a character purportedly inspired by Doug himself.

Whilst Hayward passed away in 2008, the brand continues, revitalised under the leadership of Ritchie Charlton who has perpetuated the brand's personality that has now become heritage as much as it did modernity in its infancy. Charlton has previously worked with and led some of the most prestigious tailors on Savile Row including Norton & Sons, Kilgour, Hardy Amies and alongside Marc Bohan at Hartnell Ladies Couture.


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    Hayward presents a live stream.

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  3. 16 Jun 2011
    Hayward features in a project.

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