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Henrik Vibskov is a Danish-born fashion designer and artist, who shows his fashion collections in Paris. Following studies at Central Saint Martins, Vibskov started his clothing in 2000, and is the only Scandinavian designer to have a show on the official Paris Fashion Week schedule. The Vibskov label is sold in selected stores around the globe including Seven, New York, SpaceMOE Seoul, Midwest Tokyo, Aloharag Hawaii,Traffik Moskva and Kron Reykjavik - as well as his own shops in Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway. Vibskov also participates in short films and fine art projects: his film, ‘The Monk’ won first Prize at Beck’s Future Prize 2000. Vibskov also drums, most recently on Danish musician Trentemoeller’s album ‘The Last Resort’.

Since 2007, Vibskov has collaborated with graphic designer and artist Andreas Emenius on ‘The Fringe Projects’. As VibskovEmenius, Their work has been featured in Dazed and Confused and Nylon magazines, and exhibited in cities such as Milan, Zurich, and London. In February 2009 they held their solo exhibition at the Zeeuws Museum in Holland.


  1. 6 Aug 2008
    Henrik Vibskov features in a project.

    Future Tense