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Holly Woodlawn is an actress and the last surviving of Andy Warhol's famous Warhol Superstars. Woodlawn grew up in Miami Beach, but in 1962 left for New York City; a journey later referenced by Lou Reed in the first verse of his song Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Woodlawn met Andy Warhol at the Factory at a screening of Flesh and by the late sixties had become one of his core 'Superstars' alongside her friends Jackie Curtis and Candy Darling. In 1970 she starred in the Warhol-produced film Trash, directed by Paul Morrisey. In 1971 Woodlawn replaced Candy Darling at the La Mama Theatre production of Vain Victory, which was written and directed by Jackie Curtis. She continued to make cameo appearances in plays and films throughout the eighties and ninties. After Warhol's death, Woodlawn was frequently interviewed to discuss Warhol's life and influence. In 1992, she published her autobiography A Low Life in High Heels.

Woodlawn began performing cabaret shows in New York and Los Angeles in the early 2000s. She continues to travel with her cabaret show, most recently appearing in Krakow and London in 2008 and at Art Basel Miami in 2010. She currently resides in West Hollywood.


  1. 19 Jan 2011
    Holly Woodlawn features in a project.

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