Joël Tettamanti is a Swiss photographer who graduated from the Cantonal Art School, Lausanne, in 2001. He is a traveller and an observer best known for photography that visually represent abstract parameters such as emptiness, width and longing and for ironic juxtaposition of man-made with nature, often bringing humour to his photographs in this way. Tettamanti has photographed in places as diverse as Thang Long, Harajuku Japan and Stadtland Schweiz. He has also exhibited all over the world including China in 2005, and exhibits regularly in his native Europe. His work has appeared in publications including Salins, Stadte Bauen, and Stadland Schweiz, amongst others.

Selected Publications

  • Eisinger, Angelus. Schneider, Michel and Tettamanti, Joél. ‘Urban Landscape Switzerland’ Birkhäuser Basel, June 2003


  1. 2 Jun 2008
    Joël Tettamanti features in a project.

    1-1 The Art of Football