John Gosling is a London-based DJ, who began his musical career playing saxophone and bass guitar for his first band AKE in Brighton in the late 1970s. After a move to London's famous 'street of mavericks' Beck Road, he joined the less structured environment of Genesis P. Orridge's Psychic TV. In 1985 he left to experiment with rare groove and hip hop as a DJ, eventually taking up a residency at the Dungeon Club in Hackney towards the late 1980s. In 1990 he left live Djing to remix with other artists such as Madonna, Peter Gabriel and Goldie, and made 'Fascinating Rhythm' as Bassomatic with William Orbit. In 1994, under the pseudonym Mekon, Gosling released 'Phatty's Lunch Box', which became heavily referenced by many producers worldwide. With various collaborations with LRD's Jacques Lu Cont, Evil B and Alex Gifford, Gosling's career has merged the sonority of break-beat, hip-hop and guitar music with his innovative use of sampling.


  1. 19 Dec 2005
    John Gosling features in a project.

    Editing Fashion

  2. 5 Mar 2004
    John Gosling features in a project.

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