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19:30 - 20:30 on January 23 2018 GMT

Kali Uchis is a singer, songwriter and director working in Los Angeles. Raised in Columbia, Uchis migrated to Virginia where she spent most of her childhood and adolescence. Musically inclined from a young age, she played piano and saxophone throughout her childhood. She launched her career in 2013, releasing a self-produced mixtape. Uchis continues to work on her music as well as her self-directed music videos. The sixties inspired singer finds home in soul, funk and doo-wop.




  1. 7 Oct 2015
    Kali Uchis features in a project.


  2. 1 Oct 2015
    Kali Uchis creates a fashion film.

    Music Video

  3. 4 Nov 2011
    Kali Uchis features in a project.

    Fashion Mix