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Kat Marks is a London-based fashion designer recognised for her fusion of rigid body-wear, accessory and tailoring clothing. Born in Canada, Her 2009 debut graduate collection ‘Infundibulum’ was launched at Toronto's Ryerson University, the premier school of fashion in Canada. This collection was also showcased at LG Toronto Fashion Week, and ‘Infundibulum-The Braces’ took first place at the International Design Awards in the Women’s Avant-Garde student category.

Marks relocated to London in 2009, graduating with a MA in Fashion Artefact from the London College of Fashion in 2011. It was during this period that Marks‘ creative practice took a new direction, blurring the boundaries between fashion and accessory design with her 2011 collection ‘The Karass’, inspired by a mix of film noir and the writing of Kurt Vonnegut. Her use of moving image is an integral part of her design vision, working closely with creative image-makers to produce her films ‘The Yugas Project‘ (2009) and ‘The Granfalloon‘ (2010). Her use of film as a narrative medium enables her to establish a visual dialogue between character and object.



  1. 3 Jun 2013
    Kat Marks creates an interview.

    Kat Marks

  2. 20 May 2013
    Kat Marks features in a project.

    Prosthetics: Conversations

  3. 1 Feb 2011
    Kat Marks features in a project.

    The Karass


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