Kenji Hirasawa is a photographer born in Tokyo. He completed his BA in Environmental Information at Keio University, majoring in media design alongside studying sociology, human engineering, and remote sensing. Hirasawa’s study of remote sensing especially effects his photographic style: as opposed to photographing purely visible light, his work utilises satellite sensors to capture a wide range of electromagnetic waves and express these through varying media.

Hirasawa participated in the Aoyama Spiral exhibition in 2005 and presented ‘Frozen Polaroids’ at Roppongi Hills observatory in 2006, an installation where an undeveloped Polaroid is instantly frozen, then defrosted at the timing chosen by the viewer. He also exhibited ‘Precious Ones’, a series of pictures taken using an infrared camera of individuals close to the artist.



  1. 12 Oct 2007
    Kenji Hirasawa features in a project.

    Designer Purikura