Klaus Weber is an artist who lives and works in Berlin. Born 1967 in Sigmaringen, Germany, Weber's work focuses on the relationship between the urban environment and the definitive associations between public and political space. The artist in residence at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles, in 2003 he undertook a twelve-month residency at Delfina, London, and exhibited Public Foundation LSD Hall at the Frieze Art Fair. The installation functioned as a proposal for a public building with the centre-piece being a crystal glass fountain circulating 'Potentized LSD' allowing the viewer to notice 'the weirdness of daily life which through repetition has lost its meaning'. Weber's fixation with the role of public space began one of the major collaborative political film projects of the 90's with A-Clips, 35mm short films tied to a specific moment in Berlin. The project was later taken to London and New York.

Selected Publications

  • Communism, a group show, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 2005 
Ecstasy- In and About Altered States, MOCA The Geffen Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA, 2005
  • Judith Hopf, Michaela Schwelger, Klaus Weber u.a, Galerie Ursula Walbrol, Dusselldorf, Germany, 2006
  • It is, "what is it?", Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York, USA, 2006
  • Sick Fox, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York. 2004 
  • Unfolding cul-de-sac, Cubitt Gallery, London. 2004
  • Public Foundation LSD Hall, Frieze Art Fair, London. 2003
  • World Watchers, Kunsthaus Dresden. 2003
  • Mutated Zen, The Art of Surviving, The Nunnery , London. 2003
  • LUX OPEN, Royal Academy, London. 2003
  • Brutstube, Public Space, Berlin & Los Angeles. 2002
  • Surprise 3, Ludwig Museum, Budapest. 2001