Lali "Spartacus" Chetwynd (born 1973) is a British artist. She reworks iconic moments from cultural history in deliberately amateurish and improvisatory performances


Lali Chetwynd is known for her continuing series of paintings under the general title ‘Bat Opera’. These small-scale paintings on canvas paper conjure a sequence of imaginary events surrounded by a swarm of invading bats. Chetwynd also stages baroque and surreal performances that are notable for their wit and warmth. Her fascination with the grotesque has led her to create a performance work called ‘An Evening with Jabba the Hutt’ referring to the enormous slug-like slave trader from ‘Star Wars’. Other scenarios involve debt counsellors and heavy metal musicians against the backdrop of stage sets based on details from Giotto’s frescoes. She has also held workshops in the making of Iron Age jewellery from pasta shells. Chetwynd is a graduate of the 2004 Royal College of Art painting course and has since exhibited at the ICA, London, and Herald St, London.


Lali Chetwynd lives and works in London.



  1. 27 Jul 2005
    Lali Chetwynd features in a project.