Leo GABIN is an artist collective formed of three artists: Lieven Deconinck, Gaëtan Begerem and Robin De Vooght, who have been working on collaborative video, painting, drawing and sculpture, together since 2000. Leo GABIN teaches as a collective at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium, where they recieved their degrees. Leo Gabin is represented by Peres Projects, Berlin.

Solo shows include: 'Get That Patty Cake Going', ReMAP 3, Peres Projects, Athens, Greece, 2011. Group shows include: 'Dirt Don't Hurt', Jolie Aide Gallery, Philadelphia, USA, 2011; and 'Sticks and Stones', Peres Projects Mitte, Berlin, Germany, 2011. 

Leo Gabin live and work in Ghent, Belgium.