Liz Neal is a British artist who completed a BA at Middlesex before completing an MA in the printmaking department from the RCA in 1999. She has a provocative practice, which often confronts pornographic imagery. She came to notoriety for exhibiting a whole room of sexual painting and collages in 'Death to the Fascist Insect that Preys on the Life of the People' (2001), curated by Martin Maloney for the Anthony D'Offay Gallery, London. Neal's explosive canvases are punk inspired odes to subjects - prostitutes advertising cards and banner slogans shout for attention in paintings that are intelligent and slowly compelling.

Neal worked for over a year on a project in which she covered the whole of her (home) studio in canvas - masking every inch of ceiling, walls and floor, - sewing intricately over fixtures such as radiators and light switches - onto which she painted directly. This work in progress was documented live by webcam on SHOWstudio in a studios project called 'Watching Paint Dry' (2002). Neal has exhibited widely in London.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 'The Triumph of Painting- Part 6', The Saatchi Gallery,London, 2006
  • 'Lotus Eater', Store Gallery, London 2004
  • 'New Blood', Saatchi Gallery, London 2004
  • 'Gloriana', One in the Other, London 2003
  • 'AUSGANG', Curated by Liz Neal, Studio Voltaire, London 2002
  • 'Death to the Fascist Insect', Anthony D'Offay Gallery, London 2001


  1. 15 Feb 2005
    Liz Neal features in a project.

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  2. 26 Apr 2004
    Liz Neal features in a project.