Marc Quinn is a British artist and a member of the Young British Artists. Throughout his oeuvre, which involves sculptures, paintings and drawings, Quinn draws on ideas and themes relating to the human body. Other key subjects include cycles of growth and evolution through topical issues such as genetics and the manipulation of DNA, as well as issues of life and death and identity. Quinn’s work uses a broad range of materials, both traditional and untraditional, including blood, ice and faeces. The materiality of the object, in both its elemental composition and surface appearance, is at the heart of Quinn’s work.

He is most renowned for Alison Lapper Pregnant (a sculpture of Alison Lapper which has been installed on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square)and Self (a sculpture of his head made with his own frozen blood). Quinn’s work has been shown internationally in group and solo exhibitions.



  1. 5 Dec 2014
    Marc Quinn creates an interview.

    Marc Quinn

  2. 4 Dec 2014
    Marc Quinn features in a project.

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