Marcus Werner Hed, born in Södertälje, Sweden in 1978, is a London-based film-maker. After leaving photography studies in 1997, Werner Hed initially started his career as an art director in his native Sweden until 2000 when he relocated to London where he began working with Peter Saville and later for the contemporary art publication 'frieze'. Since 2003, Werner Hed has been concentrating on his own and commissioned films, in late 2006 he set up his production company Pundersons Gardens together with cinematographer Jeremy Valender working for commercial clients in fashion and art as well as doing post production work for artists films.

Pundersons Gardens has in it's two years of existence produced two documentaries, the first 'Rites of Spring' a feature length documentary on Ugandan film translators. The second, a film on the photographer Jacob Holdt 'A Portrait of Jacob' which premiered at London's Photographers Gallery in March 2008 and went on to a festival run. Werner Hed has currently worked on pre-production of a project shot in the Arctic, as well as commercial projects produced and executed within Pundersons Gardens.



  1. 18 Feb 2009
    Marcus Werner Hed features in a project.


  2. 6 Aug 2008
    Marcus Werner Hed features in a project.

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