Marianne Maric (Born 1982) is a French artist.

She earned her Master’s of Fine Arts with distinction from NCAD (Dublin). Maric works with different mediums such as video, sculpture or photography and uses stylism, fashion and performance. In addition to her artistic practice, Maric also works as a curator.

Maric considers the body as architecture, and plays with symbolism in her works, while often employing her close friends as subjects. Her pieces are representative of ‘Surrealism’, the artist’s favorite word and artistic period.

Her  “Lamp girls” performance was a success in France, and was exhibited at Magda Danysz Gallery, Palais Galliera, and Musée de la Mode in Paris. In conjuction with "Lamp girls", Maric designed a similar dress collection, which can be illuminated. 

Maric took the famous residency at Les Arques in France and created choreography based on bondage influence in le CAC, Brétigny.



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