Miho Kinomura is a Creative Director and Film Director, who currently divides her time between studios in New York and Tokyo. She began her career working as a fashion designer in Japan, before moving to New York in 1990 where she set up her production company 'Studio D.O.G INC'. The company looks after a variety of creative talents including graphic designers, filmmakers, mainly working within fashion. Alongside producing and directing numerous fashion related advertisements for clients including Shiseido, Parco and Swarovski, Kinomura has created music videos for artists such as Maki Nomiya, Fantastic Plastic Machine and Orange Pekoe out of Tokyo, Japan. Kinomara is also responsible for introducing new photographic talent to the Japanese market, namely Ellen Von Unworth, Elaine Constantine and David Lachapelle. Her most recent projects include the 30th anniversary campaign advert for Japanese retail store BEAMS, in which she has collaborated with Creative Director Kensui Arao.