Mike Figgis is a writer, director and composer. Born in Carlisle, England, Figgis spent his childhood in Kenya before (later) returning to Newcastle. He began to play trumpet and guitar with numerous musical groups including ‘Gas Board’. Figgis later played with ‘The People Show’ who went on to release one album with Transatlantic Records. He joined the theatre group also called ‘The People Show’ and performed at shows worldwide. In 1980, Figgis left to form the theatre group ‘The Mike Figgis Group’ and began to create multi-media productions that included the extensive use of film. His first projects included ‘Redhugh 1980’ and ‘Slow Fade’, which went on to win awards and attracted the attention of Channel Four who financed Figgis’ first film ‘The House’. Throughout his prolific career, Figgis has worked on feature films including ‘Stormy Monday’ starring Melanie Griffith and Sting, ‘Internal Affairs’ starring Richard Gere and Andy Garcia, ‘Liebestraum’ starring Kim Novak, and ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, which was nominated for Four Academy Awards in 1994. Figgis has also worked on numerous documentaries including ‘On Liberty’, which celebrated the fashion designer of Vivienne Westwood and 'Hollywood Conversations' featuring a rare collection of discussions with stars including Mel Gibson and Brooke Shields. The text from the documentary was published by Faber & Faber as ‘Projections 10’. Figgis has also worked on films including ‘Miss Julie’, which was shot on Super 16mm film and using split-screen imagery; 'Timecode', a feature film shot entirely using four digital cameras in real time; and ‘Hotel’ starring Salma Hayek and Rhys Ifans which experimented with different textures, formats, framing and image type. For ‘Coma’ in 2004, a collaborative project arising from a commission by the European Film Academy, Figgis worked with twenty other participants to create a film over seven days.

Selected Films, Documentaries and Shorts

  • 'Guilty Pleasure', 2006
  • 'Coma', 2005
  • 'Cold Creek Manor', 2003
  • 'The Blues', 2002
  • 'Battle of Orgreave', 2001
  • 'Hotel', 2001
  • 'About Time-2', 2000
  • 'Timecode 2000', 1999
  • 'Hollywood Conversations', 1999
  • 'Miss Julie', 1999
  • 'The Loss of Sexual Innocence', 1997
  • 'Flamenco Women', 1997
  • 'One Night Stand', 1996
  • 'William Forsyth and the Frankfurt Ballet: Just Dancing Around', 1995
  • 'Leaving Las Vegas', 1994
  • 'Vivienne Westwood - On Liberty', 1994
  • 'The Browning Version', 1993
  • 'Mr Jones', 1992
  • 'Mara', 1991
  • 'Liebestraum', 1990
  • 'Internal Affairs', 1989
  • 'Stormy Monday', 1987
  • 'Rembrandt, Hitler or Me', 1986
  • 'The House', 1984

Selected Exhibitions

  • 'In The Dark', Camerimage Lodsz, Poland and London, 2004

Selected Projects

  • 'In Space' (Video Installation), London and Philips de Pury, New York, 2005
  • 'Museum of the Imperfect Past' (Installation), Valencia Biennale, Spain, 2003

Selected Publications

  • Figgis, Mike; 'In The Dark: Images and Text by Mike Figgis'. Booth-Clibborn Editions, September, 2003.




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