Artist Millie Brown is known for her musically accompanied performance pieces involving her ingesting and vomiting various quantities of differently coloured milk. The pieces, that go under the name Nexus Vomitus, began with Brown vomiting the liquids upon herself and now involve the use of projection onto blank canvas to produce artefact from the process. Set against live arias performed by collaborators Patricia Hammond and Zita Syme, Millie Brown’s Nexus Vomitus series has been exhibited as part of Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball world tour whilst Brown continues to work and reside in London.


  1. 13 Oct 2014
    Millie Brown features in a project.


  2. 22 Mar 2011
    Millie Brown features in a project.

    Nexus Vomitus

  3. 12:00 - 14:00 on 22 Mar 2011
    Millie Brown presents a live stream.

    Performance Film


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