Myles Hall is a London-based creative, born in New York city in 1999. At the age of 14, Hall starting working under the direction of Matthew Williams, founder of the conceptual fashion brand ALYX. In this role, Hall assisted Williams on personal projects as well as the brand. 

In 2018, Hall interned at SHOWstudio, soon becoming Junior Film Editor under the managing Head of Fashion Film, Raquel Couceiro. 

Hall's main motivations are presenting and understanding the nuances of fashion through film.



  1. 1 Mar 2019
    Myles Hall creates an interview.

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  2. 16 Feb 2019
    Myles Hall features in a project.

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  3. 28 Nov 2018
    Myles Hall features in a project.

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  4. 17 Oct 2018
    Myles Hall creates a fashion film.

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