NOKI is a subversive fashion designer and customiser, based in Brighton. Famously anonymous, recognisable only for the masks he wears, NOKI (an anagram of and pun on IKON) believes customisation - the act of altering a garment through cutting, stitching or embellishing it - to be an assault on the homogeneity of mass-produced, globalised fashion design and an act of bringing it closer to Haute Couture. NOKI's playfully aggressive rhetoric is much owed to the writer and founder of Adbusters Kalle Lasn, whom NOKI cites as a major influence on his world view and work.

NOKI is represented by Cube +44 (0) 207 242 5483



  1. 15:00 - 16:00 on 12 Jan 2014
    NOKI presents a live stream.

    Vivienne Westwood: Live panel discussion

  2. 16 Jul 2010
    NOKI features in a project.

    The Fashion Body

  3. 16 Jul 2010
    NOKI creates a film.

    Right Knee by NOKI

  4. 7 Jul 2005
    NOKI features in a project.

    Bring & Buy