Outlaw Moscow is a Russian avant-garde womenswear and menswear brand co-founded by Maksim Bashkaev and Di Minrakhmanova.

Born out of the frustration with the oppression of artistic output in Russia, the brand aims to create unique clothing that challenges the preconceived ideas and traditional styles. The use of stories is central to the ethos of Outlaw Moscow, the uprising of creativity, love, respect, open-mindedness and intellectual freedom being the cornerstone values. 






  1. 15 Nov 2016
    Outlaw Moscow creates a fashion film.

    Outlaw Film 2

  2. 15 Nov 2016
    Outlaw Moscow creates a backstage film.

    Outlaw Film 2: Behind-the-Scenes

  3. 21 Oct 2015
    Outlaw Moscow features in a project.

    Fashion Film Award in collaboration with QIC Global Real Estate