Pablo Bronstein (born 1977, Buenos Aires) is an artist based in London. He attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, at the University of the Arts London, the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, and graduated from Goldsmiths College of Art.

He specialises in architectural sketches in ink and gouache, set in ornate frames and depicting imagined buildings incorporating styles from 18th century France and the 1980s. His work also includes live performance: his Plaza Minuet for Tate Triennial 2006 used involved choreographed movement about the allery space by Baroque-trained dancers. He has also given an architectural tour of London.

He has shown work internationally in exhibitions including London in Six Easy Steps at the ICA in London, Other People’s Projects at White Columns in New York, Herald St. presents Pablo Bronstein, Cary Kwok & Djordje Ozbolt at Liste in Basel and Dance of the Seven Veils at Cooper Gallery in Dundee. He is represented by Herald St. in London.



  1. 27 Jul 2005
    Pablo Bronstein features in a project.